About Cotswold Foodie Tours

Cotswold Foodie Tours was created by gourmet food bloggers living in the Cotswolds, and proud artisan food makers who are passionate about their craft, proud of the countryside they live in and it's rich culinary and cultural treasures. We give people a taste of the Cotswolds, exposing them to real Artisan food while taking in the highlights of the towns selected. We are dedicated to helping tourists and local residents enjoy the best Cotswold food and cultural experience off the beaten path.
Food matters to us, and we feel it is important to support our local food producers and makers of fine specialty food.

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If you lose your local cuisine you lose your culture.
- Rick Stein

Experience a unique insight in to the Cotswolds that you won't find in the guide books. Meet local people, learn about the history of this iconic countryside, and taste the delicious food.
Our tour guides are passionate people who love food, are proud of this quintessentially British countryside they live in, and are committed to giving you the very best of cultural experiences.
So get your galloshes and tweedes suited and book yourself a tour of the Cotswolds!

Food tours of the Cotswolds