Is marmalade good for you?

February 23, 2016

Is Marmalade good for you? It is the choice preserve of the elderly, and has a history of using the bitter sweet Seville orange from the sunny orange plantations of Spain. England has a long history of preserving, pickling and bottling as a way of keeping food edible for the long winter months. Preserving was a survival technique, essential for people in Medieval Britain, and using every possible part of a fruit, vegetable or animal was basic practice. We led a much more sustainable form of food production and harvesting back then.

Marmalade and tea

Capturing the sun from those beautiful, bright orange fruits and preserving them in a jar was a very clever thing. Surprisingly, there is 20 times more antioxidants in 1g of Marmalade than in your ordinary glass of orange juice. It is also good for relieving digestive problems, hence a piece of toast with Marmalade and a cup of tea first thing in the morning actually might not be so bad for you.

How satisfying to make it though? The wonderful burst of citrus aroma as you cut the peel is a welcome relief from the dark, damp days in January and February. A spectrum of orange and yellow hues fill your pan and jars, like stain glass,and really makes for a therapeutic moment during the February blues.

Orange segments
Jar of marmalade

If you can't bring yourself to make this wonderful concoction, then take advantage of the lovely, award winning Marmalade made by the very talented Sarah Churchill at The Artisan Kitchen. A trained chef, she devotes her life to making small batch, copper pot jam and marmalade, and has won Marmalade of the World competition several times! Yes, England has its own Marmalade Award Competition at the Dalemain Marmalade Awards and Festival, to be taken very seriously. 

There are so many marmalade recipes out there, perhaps you have your own family recipe, but this is a particularly good one by Nigel Slater.

 As Paddington Bear, everyone's favourite Marmalade loving bear says, every family should have a marmalade day!

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