Single or Double?

11 April 2016

Gloucester cheese has become a mainstay of most UK supermarkets, a mass produced orange cheese, that sits beside its brother the Cheddar. Before the days of supermarkets, when people made their own food from their own ingredients, Single and Double Gloucester, was what a farmer made in Gloucestershire. Both Gloucesters are made from the mild of even tempered and endangered Old Gloucester cattle. Its tough rind makes it good for transport and for rolling down hills, as in the famous cheese rolling event at Coopers Hill. 

Gloucester cheese

From its humble beginnings, this mellow, slightly crumbly, hard cheese has now become a Protected Designation of Origin cheese by the British Cheese Board. To you and me that means it is a cheese protected by its region, where it came from, and that is the beautiful Cotswolds. There are many artisan cheese makers now making this cheese, with many awarded prizes for their exceptional flavour and texture. Try it on our Cheltenham Foodie Tour and be wowed!

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